See the world, again.

As moving around is made complicated by covid, a global heritage of history, culture and arts remains inaccessible. What if we could travel from our couch?

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Many walls divide us.

Some are unexpected.

Others systemic.

Covid makes very hard to travel
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2020 told us that a whole

lays there, behind walls.

Out of reach.


We say no.

artistic heritage     

Places cities museums we can go back visit

We believe in a world without walls.

Where we can travel again, visit again,

discover again, experience again.

We want a world without walls.

Where visiting cities, museums and events is always possible, even when we have to stay home.

When we can travel again
Ways to travel in lockdown

Let's tear

them down




Watch this.

We are Overtour.

One year after the pandemic, we present a  series of virtual tours to make you travel again.


A digital initiative, in live streaming and free for all. Without walls.

Local guides are ready to take you through the streets and museums of their cities and to bring them to your screens.

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We open the world.

Free streaming trip experiences

The virtual tours are streaming on Twitch and accessible by mobile, pc and smart TV.

Hop from city to city, walk the most magical streets, enter the most fascinating museums with our

live tours.


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Come with us and see more.

Board a Venetian gondola,

from your bathtub.

Discover. See. Open.

museum virtual tours

Access the


From anywhere.



we  open  the world.

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Do you want to help us

keep the world open?

Do you want to give access

to your corner of the world?


Overtour is a digital cultural initiative.

An open collaborative project that wants to give access to territories, cities and cultures.

Help us realize it.


If you are a tour guide, a travel vlogger or an enthusiast of your city, if you work for a museum or a touristic agency, let us know about yourself and discover the opportunities that Overtour offers you.


They are already with  us.

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